Since its foundation in the Bronze Hand Tools and Building Materials, quality service, reliability and an understanding of a wide range of products based on the principles of the sector continues to be one of the leading companies. Our professional team approach to quality standards with our wide product range,  We are proud to serve our valuable customers with our quality service approach.
With 30 years’ experience in the metal sector, the basic principle of our company is customer satisfaction. Private non-sparking, non-magnetic hand tools and bronze production and imports continue to be your solution partner in the most important.

We would like to be  first choice of our customers with high business ethics and value to our clients and employees to a companies with the wide range of products, our products, solutions, services, reliability and after sales

Our Vision is pursuing continuous customer satisfaction, corporate structure with following the technological developments. constantly renewing our mision , and we would like to be followed by industry and the company is to be taken as an example.


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