Hand tools and equipments are  made ​​from Aluminum Bronzes  which was developed for use in explosive environments. To removing the risk of static electricity spark,  hand tools which  made ​​of steel.  In these environments because of the danger of explosion Aluminum bronze material must be used.  Keeping away of the spark and and non magnet isue is the basic reason of the usage of these type material in sertain endustry.


This equipment will be Used at:

  •      In mines,
  •      Oxygen tanks in hospitals,
  •      Studies in the sewerage system,
  •      Automobile factories at paint departments  ,
  •      Shipyards and oil industry
  •      Natural Gas and Gas Sector
  •      Solvent and chemical production

Used a lot.

Hammer, wrench, socket, pliers, shovels, etc. are the type of roducts whic made out of this type of material. As with bearings, machine parts such as bearings can be manufactured with this material too. Each one is produced by casting or forging. Since it is close to team steel material usage range is growing faster. Bronze Hand Tools, it eliminates the risk of explosion and fire, use is recommended by law enforcement and insurance agencies.

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